Wednesday, 15 June 2016

PELE - Practice Excellence and Live Excellence


I would like to think there is a fundamental principle that defines CORAcsi’s corporate culture and Mission Statement. Allow me to take you on a journey behind the scenes, to a love of learning, and teaching, that spans decades.
What is life without passion? What is work without passion? I love talking about technology, innovation, teaching, learning, the love of learning, principles, integrity, commitment, physics, math... and yet, there is a foundation to all of these passions that I have identified through years of teaching, and that is excellence.
"Excellence is to Perfection as the Journey to the Destination."

The dolphin & the dove - let the story begin
He looks over a sea of faces. Some have boredom stamped upon their irises (irides). Others are evidently excited to be back at school, though history has proven that this excitement diminishes over time, especially with respect to "work".

The Challenge – motivate these young men and woman to ‘choose excellence’ daily.

He begins with a question:
“With a show of hands, how many want to live a life of… mediocrity?”
  Not a single hand!

After a short pause, another question follows:
“How many want to live a life of excellence?”
  Everyone raises their hand without exception – every year!

The pitch:
Aristotle so many millennia ago realized that ‘Excellence is not an act but a habit’. 
Let’s translate – if you want a life of excellence, then you must choose it by practicing excellence daily. If excellence is your habit, one that you have built daily, even when you didn’t ‘feel like it’, then you will have chosen success, chosen a life of excellence.

Over the course of a semester the students will often hear:
Practice Excellence – Live Excellence.
Practice Excellence - Live Excellence
Practice Excellence – Live Excellence.
Good Habits lead to success. Bad Habits lead to failure.
Good habits lead to success, bad habits lead to failure.
Good Habits lead to success. Bad Habits lead to failure.
I imagine a school, team, corporation, country and world in which these principles are realized. I believe we are closer today, than they were in Aristotle's day. I aspire to call forth this foundation of excellence through my words, actions and creative works. I enjoy connecting with like minded people.

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