Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Homeland security's Report - substantial in context and scope

GOING DARK, GOING FORWARD a primer on the encryption debate.

These 25 pages are enough to make me speechless - with only 3 exceptions:
  1. There is so much happening in cyber security. There are so many opinions, facts, options and directions. WOW! If I think so, I can't imagine who among my friends and associates will actually read this report.
  2. The article posted on entitled Homeland Security's big encryption report wasn't fact-checked is another interesting read. Again, so many facts, counter facts, opinions and directions.
    My only thought here is that, I appreciate all that our governments and professionals are doing to safeguard our security, rights, and freedoms.
    The fact that there is accountability and free speech, speaks volumes about those of us who are fortunate to live in a free, safeguarded and educated society.
  3. The first point on page 6 of this report states:
Encryption plays a vital role in modern society, and increasingly widespread use of encryption in digital communications and data management has become a “fact of life.”
In regards to 'data management', sadly encryption has fallen short. The massive loss of more than 400 billion dollars per year is clear evidence of this fact, rather than the opinion.

Sooner or later (and I am betting on sooner) CORA will be recognized as the standard for data security. Unlike encryption, CORA is capable of producing "unbreakable data security".

Soon the CORAcsi Challenge 2016 will be launched to the global community. While this challenge is admittedly 'unfair', it will announce and validate this bold statement about "unbreakable data security". Stay tuned and spread the word.

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