Sunday, 18 December 2016

CORA Industrial

The origin of CORA

I am amazed at how many pathways are emerging for CORA. I suppose it isn't too surprising when one contemplates the need for 'unbreakable security', and yet, my original thought was to protect "static data", particularly that which is found on 'my computer'.
I knew that I wanted to store my technology bases in multiple, online locations. I further knew that encryption as is currently found in the industry, can be broken.

Surprise realizations


goCORA, the online, fun, app that will be released in 2017 allows users to maintain control of their online, digital footprint. This exciting pathway for CORA was never considered in its development.
For years we have spoken to young people (in particular) about the need for caution when posting pictures, opinions, videos, and the like online - once it is online, it will exists somewhere, for ever...
goCORA will allow users to post anything they want online, without the fear of "losing control" over their data - they can shut it down permanently regardless of how many people have seen, copies, or shared the information.
To this end, if you are a Xamarin developer, we may have some work for you.

CORA Industrial

I must say, trade shows are relatively boring, and yet, they are surprisingly productive. While 'putting in time' at the last trade show on emerging technologies, a local industrial company spoke with CORA Cyber Security and we became aware of another import pathway for CORA, as illustrated in the follow:

What good is a pathway without some math

While I personally love the math, what does 101848 look like? 
Answer: Unbreakable.

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