Friday, 3 February 2017

Physics Rocks – a journey of excellence and bounded perception

Bottom lines are the foundation from which the mind can sing a song of pure joy, creativity and innovation.

Imagination is the invisible ether that connects basic truths with imagined realities. This is the joy that is, or should be, Physics.
Don't misinterpret my meaning; the discipline and beauty of math is certainly the language of Physics, however, language can only glimpse the depth that is contained in the visualizations the reach beyond the confines of expressible truths.
The mind is the ultimate toy chest. Math and Physics are two side to the same coin - the game of patterns.

This has been my journey from Physics to technology. How can someone without an official degree in computer science possibly develop an 'unbreakable data security' technology? Without a doctorate in math – why would anyone believe that CORA (Context Ordered Replacement Algorithm) is actually "a step beyond encryption that is unbreakable"?

Those who have tasted from the fountain of Physics, or who have realized the love of learning that springs forth from the fountain of youth understand this question, and its answer.

Bottom line – try it – you won't break it. Better yet, because of the nature of 'chaos maps', if you do break 'one', it won't be repeatable – so what good is it?

What do you have to lose? Anyone who knows the industry, or follows the media knows that the current state of encryption 'can and is being broken'. Alas I deviate from Physics. The real question you should be asking is: "how can any student of Physics believe in an absolute", such as 'unbreakable'.

Forgive my egress into the convenience of a coined phrase. The public can relate to 'unbreakable' more readily that a number like 101104 times stronger than anything else that is available.
Who wants to think about "chaos maps" and the problems that exists when an expensive (time, human-hours and money) endeavor might accidentally work once, but cannot be repeated?

For those of you who might contemplate the journey from Physics to innovation & technology, take a look at CORA and see if you can break it; think of it as the ultimate puzzle, Sudoku or game of chess.

When you are ready to embrace a step beyond encryption that is at least 101104 times stronger than every other form of encryption, give us a shout and together we can provide proper security for, well anything and everything 'connected'.

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