Monday, 20 February 2017

Unbreakable - 1104

Unbreakable Security

Can you relate to this immense number? Does such an exponent represent an order of magnitude that makes sense?

101104 is how many times stronger CORA is than military grade encryption when considering a brute force attack. Why 1104, instead of 1105, or 1203? Truth be told, because I like 1104; my point being that there is 'no limit' on how large CORA Cyber Security can make this number!

101104 sufficiently demonstrates that, not even 'quantum computers' will be capable of breaking this encryption with a brute force attack... at least not in this century!

Sure, anyone can make such a claim! The question is, can anyone back up such a claim? CORAcsi can backup this claim - TODAY!

While we are making fast inroads into the marketplace, with a beach head that is growing quickly in select industries, such as industrial controls, robotics and manufacturing, my question is this:

Why doesn't a 'bigger player' investigate our claim further so as to take a leadership role in properly securing the global marketplace? CORAcsi is getting there, but every month delayed is costing the global community upwards of $100 B in cyber crime.

Bottom line: if our claim of 101104 times stronger than everything else that is available, is correct, then the entire Industry is already antiquated - so take a chance, a few moments, and lets have a conversation. Perhaps if you need a little more convincing, take a look at Claude Shannon and his definition of 'perfect encryption'.

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